Plant and Industrial Safety System Services

Continuous Emission Monitoring and Gas Analyzers

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) are equipments that measure, on a continuous basis, pollutants released by a source.

As a system integrator, we can help to design, procure, install and maintain CEMS.

CEMS systems include:

Fire and Gas Detection

Daptem support, design, procure, install and maintain fire and gas detection systems from controller-based solution to PLC or DCS based solution. The choice between a PLC and Controller-based system is primarily driven by the size of the application.

Our services and solutions are:

Fire Suppression Systems

For new installations, Daptem automation starting point for choosing a fire suppression system is by performing a risk analysis to reduce the potential for a fire. Many hazards can be eliminated or reduced. Our second objective is to mitigate the damage and to facilitate the recovery effort associated with the type of suppressant used. To us, quality of installation and maintenance is critical. We can also assist with layout design, procurement, installation, testing and creation of maintenance procedures for long term life cycle.

Our solutions for fire suppression system include.

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