Metering System Services

Metering System Services

Daptem provides expert solutions in the following areas:

Flare/Vent Gas Measurement solution

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Gas to Liquid Conversion

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Our solution aims to convert Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from flare stacks into valuable feedstocks for clean fuel production. Our technological innovation offers a significant advantage in terms of affordability compared to conventional existing technologies. This makes it easier and more accessible for our customers to acquire and implement our solution.

By utilizing these emissions as resources, we eliminate the need for costly carbon capture and penalties, allowing customers to generate revenue while reducing their carbon footprints. This approach promotes a circular economy and contributes to more sustainable and responsible industrial practices.

XSENS Flow Solutions


With the use of disruptive ultrasonic technology, patented world-wide, our solutions ensures high accuracy fluid flow rate and water cut measurement, clamped on the outside of any process pipe.

Key Benefits

Can be installed anywhere

Cost reduction

Clamp-on versus in-line meters

Our OEM Competence

We Are Tested and Trusted