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Daptem serves a wide range of industries, and our solutions tailored to each individual customer’s need.

Your #1 choice in Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Construction, commissioning, maintenance, Electrical, power Instrumentation, Metering, Industrial automation and control, software as a service, telecommunications services and project managements.

Our Vision

To become a market leader and knowledge base, most admired for our passion, people, partnership, performance, innovations and applications.

Our Mission

Serving our clients better by making them our priority. Thinking solutions and focusing on outcomes and results.

Core Values

Our values are the core of our believes which drives us to do what we do, the way we do it.
People: We believe without the right people (employees, customers and partners), no organization can constantly evolve with the waves of competition in the industries. We believe its people that make places and so we value everyone.
Partners: We believe in the partners that works, we believe we need shoulders to stand on for us to stand tall and remain relevant.
Integrity: We believe this is what makes any business stand the test of time. Integrity is part of our core values.
Innovation: We believe same thing can be done in a very different way and believe in constant improvements on each result.
Time: We value timing into what we do, we deliver to time. Value: We strongly believe that all our client should have satisfactory values for whatever product and services we render to them.
Quality: We are strongly committed to quality control and assurance in all our service to our clients.


Always deliver more than expected.

We are strongly committed to quality control and assurance in all our service to our clients while also working with time in what we do to deliver on time.

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We Are Tested and Trusted