What We Do


    Osisoft PI System Consultancy Services

    Daptem Automation is a member of the Vcampus and Osisoft partner; we are experienced in all Osisoft related services. We enhance the value of the PI System and the PI services we provide to our customers across West Africa.

    We provide a full range of OSIsoft PI System data software services including:

    • »» Osisoft PI Installation and Configuration
    • »» PI User Training and PI System Administration
    • »» Proactive Maintenance - Condition-Based Monitoring
    • »» Application Development and Integration
    • »» Osisoft PI system Support, helpdesk
    • »» Interface Development
    • »» KPI Reporting and Analysis application development
    • »» Developing Real Time Applications and MS SharePoint Dashboards
    • »» Regulatory Reporting
    • »» Safety Monitoring

    The main purpose of OSIsoft PI System is to bring all operational data into a single system that can deliver it to users at all levels of the company, from the plant floor to senior management and key decision makers. This keeps business critical data always online and available in a specialized, real-time or historical time-series database by:

    Osisoft PI System Consultancy Services

    • »» Event-Driven Data are gathered In Real-Time from multiple Sources across the Plant and/or Enterprise (PLC, DCS, HMI/SCADA, Compressors, condition monitoring systems etc)
    • »» Advanced Analytical Calculations and Business Rules to Contextualize and Analyze are applied to this data
    • »» Configuring Smart and Thin Client Tools to Distribute and Visualise Knowledge/ Information to Display Critical Operational Metrics and Integrate the User Experience across Different Roles within the Enterprise

    We can help you with your PI Services: system architecture design, installation, configuration, maintenance and support, interfacing of any 3rd party software into PI historian server.

    PLC, SCADA, DCS Systems

    Daptem Automation is specialized in SCADA systems, HMIs, PLC systems, historians, DCS systems with extensive experience working with Allen-Bradley, General Electric, Siemens and Modicon, Yokogawa platforms and we can assist you in the engineering and development of your projects. We can design automated control systems to provide data acquisition, real time process monitoring, and custom report configuration. Critical information that you need can be accessible from the plant floor, front office or remote locations.

    We carry out feasibility studies, functional design specification, scope definition and justification for your new automation projects. For existing installations, we maintain, optimized and support.

    Our OEM expertise in PLC includes, Allen Bradley (Rockwell) , General Electric, Modicon, Siemens, Square D, Mitsubishi, Omron, Delta to name a few.

    Our OEM expertise HMI systems include Indusoft, GE Intellution (Fix32, iFix), Rockwell (RSView, RSBatch, FTView, FactoryTalk Suite, FT Batch) Wonderware (Archestra, InTouch, InTrack, InControl, InBatch, InSQL), Allen Bradley Panelview, Cutler-Hammer Panel mate etc.

    We can integrate different systems together using leading OEMs in Modbus (RTU/Ethernet), OPC software tools, Matrikon OPC, Iconics, Kepware and other Historians such as OSIsoft, Honeywell PhD, Aspen IP21

    Our automation team is able to create solutions that will suit your needs, process automation, industrial automation, home automation applications, building automation, building management system (BMS), Power Management system (PMS).

    Engineering Design Software

    Daptem Automation procures, utilizes and supports the following industry standard engineering design tools:

    • »» AutoCAD
    • »» ePlan
    • »» Intergraph PDS 3D software
    • »» Intergraph SPI, SPEL, SmartSketch
    • »» Bentley Microstation
    • »» Intergraph CADWorx, CEASER II
    • »» MathCAD
    • »» 3D modeling

    INTOOLS database setup

    We also give out trained and experienced manpower resources to support your project needs.


    Electrical Engineering Services

    Daptem’s Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) services is also passionately dedicated helping you with feasibility study by identifying, scoping and justifying your E&I projects. We conceptualize, design, procure, build, optimize, manage and maintain your systems and entire plant.

    Our E&I services cut across EPCs, Exploration and Production (E&P), Manufacturing, Building etc.

    We give comprehensive service solutions for the calibration, maintenance and trouble-shooting of electronic and mechanical process instrumentation and controls (level controllers, level gauges, pressure switches, metering skids, valves, etc.

    We engage intelligent planning through expert commissioning to complete service and maintenance

    We also offer detailed engineering services like:

    Functional design specification, Cable layout, Cable schedule, erection hardware schedule, instrument location, Preparation of P&IDs, Instrument Index, Functional Schematics, layout, level sketches, installation standards, DCS graphics, DCS point data base, Interlock logic diagram, I/O List, HMI/SCADA System Design requirement, Network architecture design, Telecommunication route design etc. Our benchmark standards are various international standards like API, AGA, ANSI, ASME, IS, ISA, IEC, NEC etc are also form part of our scope.

    Our experienced and well-trained employees engage in wiring, electrical design, software design & installation, PLC programming & maintenance, Panel design and MCC design and installation and maintenance.

    Our Electrical and Instrumentation services involve:

    • »» Construction Services
    • »» Electrical and Instrumentation
    • »» Maintenance Services
    • »» System modules
    • »» Electrical services

    Construction Services

    We offer complete solutions to clients' project requirements; from initial plant construction to commissioning, start-up and overall plant maintenance:

    • »» Material procurement
    • »» Processing facilities
    • »» Plant shutdowns and turnarounds
    • »» Cogeneration plant installations
    • »» Control panel fabrication
    • »» Comprehensive Work-Force planning
    • »» Switchgear
    • »» Cable tray, conduit and raceways
    • »» SCADA installations
    • »» Commissioning and start-up
    • »» MI and self-regulating heat trace installations
    • »» Power distribution

    Electrical and Instrumentation

    Starting with system specification and installation to field commissioning and start-up; we offer a broad array of process automation systems and devices services:

    • »» New construction
    • »» Electronic and pneumatic equipment (installation, calibration and repair)
    • »» SCADA/RTU solutions
    • »» Modular substations and remote instrumentation buildings (construction and installation)
    • »» Conduit and cable tray systems
    • »» Fibre optics installation
    • »» Plant shutdowns
    • »» DCS (ABB, Emerson, Honeywell, Invensys, Siemens, Yokogawa)
    • »» Fire Detection, Alarm & Suppression
    • »» Lighting Systems (Exterior, Interior, Emergency, Smart, Dimming)
    • »» Standby Power and UPS Systems
    • »» Earthing and Lightning Protection
    • »» Cathodic Protection
    • »» Safety Systems (Triconex , Yokogawa , ABB August, Honeywell, ICS Triplex)
    • »» PLC (Allen Bradley, GE, Modicon, Siemens, Schneider , ABB etc)
    • »» Facility power systems (fire/gas detection, HVAC, UPS, DCS, PLC, heat trace MCC, VFD)
    • »» Switchgear installation (low, medium and high voltage)
    • »» Electrical building services (generator, compressor and process buildings)
    • »» HV/MV/LV systems

    Maintenance Services

    Daptem Services are available to reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies:

    • »» Electronic and pneumatic controls
    • »» Calibration and repair (fire/gas/transmitters/meters)
    • »» PLC maintenance
    • »» Compressor control panels
    • »» Electrical troubleshooting
    • »» Load monitoring
    • »» Plant shutdowns and turnarounds
    • »» Preventative maintenance programs and inspections
    • »» Control valve maintenance and repair
    • »» Short and long-term contracts

    System Modules

    • »» Sub-stations
    • »» Start-up and commissioning
    • »» Pipe rack modules
    • »» Remote instrument buildings
    • »» Pump Stations
    • »» Power distribution packages
    • »» Well-site modules
    • »» Generator packages
    • »» Construction support
    • »» Procurement management

    Continuous Emission Monitoring and Gas Analyzers

    Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) are equipments that measure, on a continuous basis, pollutants released by a source.

    As a system integrator, we can help to design, procure, install and maintain CEMS.

    CEMS systems include:

    • »» An SO2 pollutant concentration monitor.
    • »» A NOx pollutant concentration monitor.
    • »» A volumetric flow monitor.
    • »» An opacity monitor.
    • »» A diluent gas (O2 or CO2) monitor.
    • »» A computer-based data acquisition and handling system (DAHS) for recording and performing calculations with the data.

    Fire and Gas Detection

    Daptem support, design, procure, install and maintain fire and gas detection systems from controller-based solution to PLC or DCS based solution. The choice between a PLC and Controller-based system is primarily driven by the size of the application.

    Our services and solutions are:

    • »» System Selection Ensuring to Meet All Industry Standards
    • »» Associated Software Selection
    • »» Fire and Gas System Design
    • »» Detectors Layout Plan
    • »» Design Documentation
    • »» System Procurement
    • »» System Development & Testing
    • »» Field Devices Selection
    • »» Onsite Installation, Training and Support
    • »» Panel Layout Design

    Fire Suppression Systems

    For new installations, Daptem automation starting point for choosing a fire suppression system is by performing a risk analysis to reduce the potential for a fire. Many hazards can be eliminated or reduced. Our second objective is to mitigate the damage and to facilitate the recovery effort associated with the type of suppressant used. To us, quality of installation and maintenance is critical. We can also assist with layout design, procurement, installation, testing and creation of maintenance procedures for long term life cycle.

    Our solutions for fire suppression system include.

    • »» Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
    • »» Foam Based System
    • »» Dry Chemical Based System
    • »» Water Based/Sprinkler System
    • »» Data centers
    • »» Oil Platforms and rigs
    • »» Marine boats and ships
    • »» Oil Product storage, depots and Tanks Farms
    • »» Marine boats and ships
    • »» Industrial Kitchens and Catering system

    Field Instrument Calibration Services

    We calibrate and certify the following classes of laboratory and field instruments:

    • »» Gauges (Temperature, Pressure, Level, Switches)
    • »» Dimensional tools
    • »» Electrical tools
    • »» Force and weight tools
    • »» Pressure and vacuum tools
    • »» Temperature tools
    • »» Torque tools

    Metering Skid & Proving Services

    We provide services in the area of Metering skids, Meter Provers, Wellhead control panel, ESD Skids, Gas Analyzer shelters, LACT units, Hydraulic Power Units, Dosing Systems.

    Terminal Automation, Tank Gauging and Depot Automation Services

    Daptem scopes involve:

    • »» Supply and installation of tank gauge
    • »» Supply and installation of pumps and motors.
    • »» Supply and installation of depot telecoms equipment
    • »» Supply and installation of Depot Automation system
    • »» Design and Specification for tank farm Automation and Tank gauging system
    • »» Supply and installation of metering system and flow computers
    • »» Operator training and handover.

    Pipeline Leak detection system

    Daptem offer leak detection systems (LDS Systems) services to assist pipeline controllers in detecting and localizing leaks. With LDS Systems, alarm and display with other related data are sent to the pipeline controllers in order to aid in decision-making.

    Pipeline leak detection systems are also beneficial because they can enhance productivity and system reliability, thereby reducing downtime and inspection time.

    LDS Systems are into two divisions, internally based LDS Systems and externally based LDS Systems. This is the standard documentation given by API document “RP 1130”. Internally based systems utilize field instrumentation (for example flow, pressure or fluid temperature sensors) to monitor internal pipeline parameters. Externally based systems also utilize field instrumentation (for example infrared radiometers or thermal cameras, vapor sensors, acoustic microphones or fiber-optic cables) to monitor external pipeline parameters.


    Electrical Engineering Services

    Daptem Automation renders Electrical Engineering Services such as analysis of electrical power resources, electrical power distribution and preparing electrical specifications. We have expert engineers, who render these services to the clients. Our engineering services enable our clients complete their crucial projects with precision.

    Services we provide include:

    • »» Preparation of material & purchase requisitions
    • »» Analysis of electrical power resources,
    • »» Analysis of vendor offers and technical recommendations
    • »» Calculations for earthing & lighting layout
    • »» Preparation of interconnection diagram
    • »» Preparation of single line diagram
    • »» Preparation of detailed specifications and data sheets
    • »» System short circuit analysis & relay co-ordination
    • »» Switch yard & substation equipment layout
    • »» Construction management
    • »» Construction engineering support
    • »» Systems checkout, startup and commissioning
    • »» As-built and documentation
    • »» Operations and maintenance engineering support

    Industrial communications

    Our industrial communication services involves using the following devices for your project and also supporting them in terms of maintenance.

    • »» Serial Converter and Repeaters
    • »» VSAT communication
    • »» Telecommunication infrastructures
    • »» Fiber optic links across , fiber optic patch panels
    • »» Design and Specification for tank farm Automation and Tank gauging system
    • »» USB connectivity
    • »» Controllers and computing
    • »» Wireless radios and cellular
    • »» Remote I/O s
    • »» Ethernet infrastructures
    • »» Ethernet serial server & gateways
    • »» Industrial communication languages